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Welcome to Saiki shop ! 

 The Saiki shop is a small shop of the country in Yabu Ooya-cho of HyogoPrefecture. Foundation becomes 74years. It has been 18years with a homepage. Including local you, I have a look have to much direction, such as the Ooya native persons who have come out to the city, and graduate persons of Tajima, and if the information on Ooya and the situation of a seasonal season which are not known even if it lives local are known well, you will evaluate. It seems that you who have come out to the city are nostalgic, and are deeply moved if the photograph of our page is seen. For today's information, the accident of the weather etc. is read and he is telephoned  and whenever it passes the status as sources of information of Ooya through a year to the extent that it will be surprised, if the families who live here know why, it has been raising. Although it is the page which one citizen merely sends, it may be able to say just because it is a citizen. The page which and is updated every day, the page updated once per week like the information on Ooya. todayfs information It is  that it is various and with the corner which sells seasonal goods every season, and the page which introduces cooking. Please have a look slowly.

194, Oya-Ichiba, Oya-cho, YabuCity, HyogoPrefecturee